christmas is a big thing at my house. my mom often tells people that we’re part elf. the tree is up and the stockings are hug the weekend after remembrance day and dont come down until well after new years. we send eachother texts the first, second, thrid and Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 12.37.20 PMfourth time we buy egg nog . everyone is just happier around the holidays and we eat that shit up.

this year i thought i would try something different and do my christmas shopping online. shoutout to amazon prime – FYI when my 30 day free trial is up i’m cancelling you until next year. i’m done my shopping, been done for weeks and bought a record breaking 2 presents in store. i went as far as to walk around chapters while building my cart online, checking out, grabbing a starbucks and walking out empty handed. well, not virtually empty handed.. see what i did there?

there’s something to be said about being able to filter by size, colour and what you’re really looking for. don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean i didnt find myself at the mall more then once this christmas season. i ended up going black friday shopping and leaving with new wall inserts, for myself and a new cellphone, for myself.


hey, i was good this year too!




“i don’t have facebook” i probably say this a good 3 times a week (usually to my mother). back in april i thought i’d try doing a social media cleanse and deactivated my facebook, stopped using twitter and stopped posting on instagram. i suspected the no facebook, no twitter thing would be easy and i’d struggle with the staying away from instagram – and i was right. i haven’t posted anything but i find myself checking it, or wanting to check it more often than i had hoped. i’m self-aware, so i know i only check it beScreen Shot 2017-08-26 at 4.09.39 PMcause i’m”bored” so i set parameters around my use. i don’t check the stuff i might like, you know when you go to search and it pops a feed of the most trendy stuff based off of what the people you follow like? i don’t search for people i don’t follow and i don’t follow people i don’t know. i limit the time i spend checking my home feed and i allow myself to watch people’s insta stories. because i mean, insta stories are basically snapchat stories and your girl ain’t ever givin’ up on snapchat.


i can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since i’ve posted my last blog. i cant believe were almost three quarters of our way through 2017. people used to tell me when i was younger that time would fly as i got older. i’d think to myself, “OK, 24 hours in a day doesn’t change” but it’s seriously true. i guess the older i’m getting the more routine my life is, and days are just flowing into eachother. since it’s been a hot minute since i posted my last blog i thought i’d do a check-in for myself. i had some goals this year that i’ve been able to check off my list.

most importantly – i paid off my truck. yes, yes, three pats on the back and a virtual high-five for me. 2 years and 1 month later i can officially say, i own my car. i got a promotion at work.yes, yes, three pats on the back and a virtual high-five for me. i’m lucky to say that i like what i do and i enjoy going to work. the people make all the difference, and i work with a team that i’ve formed genuine friendships with which makes getting up every morning easier. your girl doesn’t have another 40 years of working in her, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. lastly, i’ve read 10 books so far this year. yes, yes, three pats on the back and a virtual high-five for me. reading more was on my new years resolution list. i haven’t been reading as much as i wanted and like everything else extracurricular in my life, the consistency hasn’t been there. but, i’m on track to read over twice as many books as i did last year.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.09.54 PM

sometimes, it’s the small victories. 


WARNING: this is a rant.

 recently something really set me off. to be honest, i can’t remember how the conversation came about but we got on the topic of my co-workers niece and how she wants to be a boy. she’s 8 and i don’t think she meant she wanted the genitalia of a boy, she wanted the “perks” of being a boy. ever since she’s been little she’s had “boy-like” interests. she doesn’t wear dresses, her favourite colour is blue, she refuses to take her hair out of a pony-tail and her favourite movie is star wars (star trek? i’m not even sure what the difference is). she sounds great, right? what made me think was, why are these things considered “boy-like”. why is Toys ‘R’ Us split girls toys vs boy toys. why do you have to be a specific gender to be able to have interests in specific things? i’m a girl. i like make-up and hair products, admittedly my hygiene could be better. i’m not always shaven like a naked mole rat, to be honest i’m hardly ever shaven. i don’t like getting my nails done, or getting my eyebrows or lip waxed because frankly i consider it a waste of money. my favourite toy growing up was this digimon hand-held toy. digimon, is that still a thing? i guess my confusion is, it’s 2017 almost everything is legal and they encourage you to be so accepting that you’re considered homophobic or racist for having an opinion. why aren’t children free to have interests or hobbies without judgment or gender limitations?


i would honestly just love for someone to explain to me, why boys get; pokemon cards, hockey cards, dinky cars, action figures, super heros, masks, swords, ninja turtles, power rangers, lego, sports, video games, hot wheels and nurf guns. while girls get barbies, princesses and fucking easy bake ovens.  

the year of the social media cleanse


happy easter, and happy birthday to me!

twenty-five, just like that. quarter century birthday – turn up! i seriously can’t believe i’m twenty-five, like what the fuck happened? i swear i remember turning 18 and getting my little white civic – two cars later, and here we are. graduated university, making that fulltime coin and hashtag living. i really can’t believe how fast my life is just passing me by. it’s weird though, since a lot has happened in the last 7 years it feels like a long time, but it went by so quickly. does that even make any sense? i don’t know. enough about turning twenty-five, let’s get into what twenty-five means for me.

twenty-five is the year of the social media cleanse. i deactivated my facebook two months ago, and to be honest – i don’t miss it at all. i highly, highly doubt i’ll ever be on facebook again. unless life takes me to a place away from my family, i don’t have a need for it. i definitely don’t have a need for 400+ facebook friends. so if (and that’s a big if) i ever decide facebook is something i want to waste my time on, i’ll start from scratch. twitter, i thought long and hard about this, since twitter isn’t a social media “addiction” of mine, deactivating and never getting back on wouldn’t phase me. however, for username purposes i’ve just deleted the app. i’m not going to check twitter or post for a year. i’ve decided the same thing for instagram – this will be hard i already know. but a year away, not checking and not posting will be beneficial. i don’t spend an astronomical amount of time on instagram, maybe 45 minutes through the span of a day – usually on the toilet. i just don’t need my life consumed with lives that aren’t affected by me, but affect my life. does that make sense? if instagram was somehow selective to just the 90 people i follow, i don’t think i would leave. it’s the million sponsored posts and stuff i might like on my search tab which loses my interest (because it catches my interest). all in all i want to live a more present lifestyle. i want to enjoy my things even though i know they aren’t the best. i want to feel comfortable in my body, even though i know it’s not the “smallest”. most of all, i want to see my life more clear as opposed to being manipulated by snaps of happiness or beauty altered by photoshop and lighting. i know the things i see aren’t what they appear, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to live someone else’s life. as for snapchat, my holy grail of social media platforms. i’m going to stay on. i know i know, if i’m going to cut it i should cut it all. here’s the thing a couple month ago i made a new snapchat and started fresh. i’ve got a total of 16 friends and they’re all my friends. there’s no celebrities or internet personalities. they’re just regular people – like me, living regular lives. so here’s to twenty-five, the year of healthier living.



somehow in this life i’ve managed to become a “yes man”. at work, when asked to do something – whether i have time or not – i always agree. with friends, if they want to do something – whether i want to or not – i always agree. having this type of personality isn’t a bad thing, it’s just put me in the position where i get taken advantage of. i’m programmed not to be able to say no and i find myself accommodating people who don’t make me a priority over people who do. i get the last-minute saturday night text to see if i want to do something, and even when i’m not free, i agree. i don’t like feeling like a disappointment so i work extra hard to “impress” people who don’t care about my well-being. i guess i’m old-fashioned. i just think if someone goes out of their way to do something for you, you should repay them. not every time, nice things shouldn’t be done for the sake of rewards but every now and again to show that you’re appreciative. when agreements are made, they should be honoured by both parties. and when things are promised, don’t pretend you have them when you don’t. if you know that you can’t come up with your end of the bargain, then be honest. don’t come up with some story in the moment, and then never follow through. it’s not like i forgot, i just don’t have it in me to ask. relationships need to be nourished, honest and fair. i truly wish i had it in me to flip off half of my circle and tell them never to contact me again, but where would that get me after all this time of being a yes man?

the time I went skinny dipping

tumblr_static_sun_cloudsdisclaimer: the title is basically click bait.

i have one avid reader – she doesn’t read my posts as i post them. she waits a couple of months, reads one post and then snapchats me i need to blog more often #friendshipgolas. she was recently promoted from her customer service job into sales so she’ll have less time to check my blog and hopefully that’ll mean she’s accumulated more to read. hopefully. i thought it would be fun to do a “storytime blog”. considering all of my most outrageous stories have her in them picking one was hard. So i decided to go with the time i went skinny dipping – kind of.

it was summer 2015, she was newly single from a 2 year relationship and was on tinderbox searching for a tinder surprise. she went on a couple of dates and fell in love (as she usually does) with an army boy. we were supposed to have a lowkey night, somehow they never end up being lowkey. i found myself in the big city picking up her flavour of the month. the plan was to go back to her place, drink, party, swim and crash. the hour car ride was questionable and i knew she had no clue what she had gotten us into. for anonymity purposes i’ll rename the men in this story – john was the boy she liked and mario was his friend that tagged along for the night. after a couple of drinks and listening to some tunes they decided they were ready to swim. the thing was john and mario didn’t plan on ending up in a pool that night and never brought swim trunks. before i knew it their shirts were off and their pants (and boxers) were at their ankles. believe me i wasn’t drunk enough for that. the site of a foreign penis makes me jittery so i had to put my hands over my eyes. i know, i’m childish. me and B stripped down to our bras and underwear (basically a bikini right?) and hopped in the pool too. for the next hour we watched two grown ass men frolicking in the water, picking each other’s naked asses up and sliding down the water slide… together.

B dated john for well over a year and mario attempted to stick his finger in my butt.

the best has yet to come

another year older, another year wiser. i’m not going to make a list of expectations for myself and twenty-seventeen. because here’s the thing, if i was going to eat healthier, i would’ve. if i was going to exercise, i would’ve. heck, if i was going to blog more – that’s right, you guessed it, i would’ve. what i’ve found out about life is, the older you get the harder it is to find time to do the things you love. after a long day of work it’s hard for me to find motivation. i know there’s a lot of people who drag there asses and make time, but there’s far more who don’t. i guess, i’m lazy in my personal life and over-perform in my professional life. i need to find balance. will the fact that the calendar rolled over play any part in my being less of a lazy ass? i doubt it. but, i have had 2 1/2 weeks off from work and i’ve recommitted my love for reading. hopefully once i’m back in the swing of real life, i can maintain a reading schedule.


hopefully i’ll also eat less tacos. 

merry christmas ya filthy animals


i know it’s not PC to say merry christmas anymore, but damn y’all MERRY CHRISTMAS! the “holidays” are meant for laughing, gathering, stuffing your face, rejoicing – and regardless of your race or religion celebrating the fact that you survived another year. some of us were more successful in 2016, while others, are counting down the minutes until it’s over. but if you’re reading this, we all of the same thing to be thankful for – we’re still breathing. wishing you, and your loved ones a merry holiday and a happy and healthy 2017.

now where’s my presents at though?

runnin through the 6 with my woes

IMG_6624i’m currently rollin through the streets in a rental bae. not because i smashed my Jeep or anything but because my year and a half old, 25 000km trucks radiator went. a new radiator at 25 000kms god i hope i’m not the person still driving this thing at 100 000kms. i had heard before i even bought my truck that Jeeps, Chryslers and Dodge’s were lemons but i ignored all that because have you seen my car? it’s badass. but now i’m thinking i shouldn’t have been so quick to silence the naysayers. even my pops, when we were sitting in the seat at Chrysler – pen in hand, contract in face turned to me and said “do you know what else is out there for this kind of money?” no dad i didn’t. why didn’t you rip the pen right out of my hand? as much as i love jemmye with all of my heart, now i’m scared. scared that in 2 years once i’m off warranty i’ll be pumpin thousands of dollars into repairing her. that is why i’ve come up with the most genius of plans. she should be paid off in the next 6-8 months. i will then have a year free of car payments and on her 3rd birthday i will sell her privately… take the money i get from the sale, and buy something new outright.

here’s to the master plan (and 3 year warranties on lemons)