keep on, keeping on




ALL I DO IS SNACK. i’ve never been a big snacker, don’t get me wrong i love my meals but i’ve never been one to sit around and eat a bag of chips. until now. i’ve been working full-time for a little over a month and i find myself snacking to kill time. as someone who went from being overweight, too anorexic, back too overweight and now healthy the fluctuating scale is causing me anxiety. i’ve been trying different things to take my mind off of the boredom, chewing gum and reading news articles but nothing kills time like a walk over to the vending machine and then eating my prize possession. I NEED HELP! everywhere you read these pictures that say, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. that’s a flat out lie. everything in the moment tastes as good as skinny feels. it’s being able to foresee the disappointment of a few gained pounds that doesn’t “taste” as good as skinny feels. at the end of the day i’ll love myself regardless of what the scale says, but i want to feel good about myself. i have the right too feel good about myself, everyone has that right. now is my time. i have to get back on the wagon, keep on trekking and make my dream body my reality body.

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