i’ve been thinking about moments a lot lately. moments that define who you’ve become. moments you wish you could take back or relive. it’s so surreal to me how quickly 18-22 went. i feel like i turned 18 yesterday. i was graduating highschool really at the peak of my teenage years. and then i think of all the people that were there when i was 18 but i haven’t talked to in years. life is crazy, the ride is crazy and sometimes it can be cruel. before i know it i’ll be 26 looking back on 22 – and this moment, the moment i decided to start living my life and stop letting it pass me by. i’m so consumed with work and making money, that 18-22 has been just that eighteen to twenty-two. its been a wild ride, don’t get me wrong. i got to spend the past 4 years with hands down the greatest man on the face of this planet, but other then that.. other then love – i have nothing to show. no long lasting friendships, no career highs, academic lows, no one night stands, epic weekend stories, nothing. there’s nothing. so i vow from this day forward to make memories, to make moments.

me on my 18th birthday in the car i no longer own.


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