what is love…


what is love. people often come to me for advice on their relationships and  i try to help them, to the best of my ability. i don’t have much experience, and the experience i do have is unlike many others. but, this is all i can say, love whoever you want to love regardless of what other people think. there are so many factors that contribute to the stability and longevity of a relationship. if you can love each other through the b/s it’ll only make you stronger when you come out the other end… that sounds weird. but vic, you might be thinking to yourself, we come from different religions, different races, and different social classes. and to that i say, those things only make loving someone easier. if you wakeup every morning wondering if today could be the last day that you have someone special in your life, you’ll be more willing to forgive, brush off or let go of the small things. if you knew that tomorrow your significant other was going to die, would that change the way you treated them today? it’s crazy because life isn’t like that you rarely get warning and even when you do it doesn’t make having someone no longer there any less tragic. and that’s what makes life unfair. you build a world with someone and one day it crashes. they don’t have to die, they just have to leave your life, for whatever reason, before you’re ready to see them go. and it’s at that moment when you’ll decide if you’re strong enough to pick up the pieces and move on. if they left you will you work on yourself so you’re the best version of you that you could be, shall your paths cross again. and if they’ve been taken from you before their time and before yours, will you be strong enough to carry them with you forever. will you see their beauty in beautiful things, and hear there laugh in moments of silence. life is tough  love is simple. love them today for who they are today. love them today for how they make you feel everyday not just in a moment of stress. and love them today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us.

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