life’s too short…


we are all allotted an amount of time on this earth, granted some of us longer than others. some of us have harder battles to fight and tougher roads to travel but each of us should have a common goal – not to hold grudges. it’s a tale as old as time itself, people go years without talking to someone they once couldn’t live without over something so small. obviously, at the time, nothing seems small.. but when it’s over, when it’s all really over and the person you’re mad at is no longer there to be mad at your heart fills with sorrow.  it fills with sorrow for the lost years, the years that could’ve been spent one way but were spent another. even if you have the chance to reconcile, to make amends when they’re gone… when they’re really gone you’ll still regret the times that were spent arguing. it’s funny because humans like extremities; love and hate, happiness and anger, rich and poor. the middle area, the grey area.. most people struggle to comprehend. i don’t have to love you, or i don’t have to hate you. i don’t have to be happy, or i don’t have to be angry. i don’t have to be rich, or i don’t have to be poor. i can fall somewhere in the middle, i can be content. i can be content with life, love, work and family. i can strive to do better and be better but i can feel completely relevant not feeling anything at all. i’ve seen too many good people go before their time, have had too many good people walk out of my life and have walked out of too many good people’s lives for reason that are simply foolish. you don’t have to love everyone, but try your best to like everyone. tell the people you love that you love them while you have the time. spend time with the people you love, when you have the time to spend. treat everyone you meet with the dignity and respect that they deserve to be treated with. live your life with a smile because no one wants to live it any other way. and lastly, be thankful for today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us.


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