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i rant and rave, a lot. i have many opinions most of which i don’t share in fear of hurting someone’s feelings, but my minds always racing. and i feel like some people, correction, most people don’t have the same set of standards. so why am i so afraid? i never give my opinion unless it’s warranted. if someone says to me “he vic, what do you think?”, i’ll reply honestly. i’ll tell you how i feel without boundaries because you asked. i’m not about that talk about people’s private issues in secret in a gossiping manor. it’s not me. i think i’m lucky because i can take criticism.. you can tell me what you think and often i’ll laugh it off. i laugh it off not because i don’t care about what you’re saying, i laugh it off because your position is invalid. i am comfortable enough in my skin, in my relationships and in my life to not, not already know what you’re about to say. apparently hindsight is 20/20 but honestly you should be able to predict someone’s stance on an issue by looking at life from another perspective. take yourself out of your shoes and wear someone elses. this piece had more of a direction when i started it, most of them do but i get lost. maybe i’m being ignorant in thinking that my way of living is better than someone elses. maybe i have it wrong. i just think that if you’re bold enough to comment on someone’s anything behind their back, you should be bold enough to state your opinion too their face. and, if this is not the case if you find yourself to be too cowardly (much like myself) wait until your opinion is asked for. you’ll be a lot happier.


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