are they the one?

tumblr_mkjx3gibrw1r53nwlo1_500a couple weeks ago there was a fair in the town that i’m from. my youngest sister got her palm read and the fortune teller (if you want to call her that) told her she’d meet her soul mate within the year and her husband a few years later. thus raising the question “how am i going to meet my soul mate here, and my husband here?” i’m not sure what the statistic is exactly but i’m sure a very small fraction of the world’s population ends up with their soul mate. the way i see it is there are two types of love – soul mate love and partner love. partner love is the love you form with someone over time. the two of you together build a love that feels as if it were destiny. and then there’s the more complicated soul mate love, two people who were given the gruelling task of finding each other and successfully did. it’s indescribable, heart wrenching, fierce and passionate. everything fits and the love you have for each other is selfless and unconditional. a bond that goes beyond your time and your years, something even you have troubles explaining or comprehending. it’s really real really fast and you feel completely secure being washed up in it… this form of love will turn sceptics in to believers. if you’re currently with – or  have had the honour of being with your soul mate for even the shortest of times, you should consider yourself lucky. a love like that is once in a lifetime, and not everyone has the opportunity to experience it.


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