The Guide to The Yolo


i’m always fathomed when stupid things catch on – swag, ratchet, dawg, fam and the ever so popular YOLO. YOLO, if you don’t already know is the abbreviation for – you only live once, which is quite philosophical… lol, drake lyrics philosophical, i crack myself up. here’s the thing i have no problem with “YOLO” my problem is with people who use yolo as a justification for making a poor decision. So, i thought i’d do my due diligence as a contributing member of our society and help steer the younger, more impressionable generation on the right track with what i like to call “The Guide to The YOLO”


                      YOLO DO’S

                         YOLO DON’TS
telling the girl you’ve had a crush on for 3 years that you like her – YOLO moment sleeping with 3 different guys in 1 week is not justifiable with a – YOLO
conquering your fear of anything – YOLO moment maxing out your 3rd credit card on YMCMB merchandise is not justifiable with a – YOLO
eating 2 types of desserts for dinner after your boyfriend breaks up with you – YOLO moment cutting off an old man in a wheel chair at the mall trying to hit up the taco bell is not justifiable with a – YOLO
trying something new for the first time – YOLO moment wearing a pink and purple eye shadow combination to work is not justifiable with a – YOLO
making someone else’s day by doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do – YOLO moment skipping birth control pills and letting someone you met on tinder explode in you is not justifiable with a – YOLO


so there you have it, the list could go on but a few YOLO do’s and don’ts so you get a feel for the criteria. and i mean everyone could stop using the term YOLO and just do the things they want to do while they can… i mean that’s still an option. But, if you want to live your life following the guidelines of a man who rapped “last name ever, first name greatest like a sprained ankle boy, i ain’t nothin’ to play with” then that’s your prerogative.



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