disclaimer: this is a rant

it takes a lot, and i mean A LOT to make me angry. however, there are three things that are guaranteed to piss me off every time – ONE: when the people i care about get taken advantage of, TWO: getting scammed and THREE: reading the comments section on youtube. you can lie to my face, talk about me behind my back or basically stab me and i find a way to keep my composure because i don’t fancy drama. apparently i haven’t blogged in a while and here’s what’s currently irking me.

i, like many others have succumbed to the pressure of purchasing a macbook in my university career. don’t get me wrong i love my mac but with a 2,600 dollar price tag i have one major bone to pick with apple. why the hell does it cost 59.99 to talk to someone about the issues you’re having with your device once it’s off of its warranty? are your products that shitty that you need to implement that sort of procedure? do you not think 2,600 plus the money it costs for accessories and programming is enough? obviously not.

so i go to future shop this week to try and find some sort of replacement, which was not another macbook pro because i can get 4 HPS for the price of one mac, and there’s a man there with his sons tablet. he bought the 2 year extended warranty for 70 dollars and was told it covered any problems he could incur over the next three years. so, his problem you may be wondering.. his son forgot his password and he needed to get it reset. the price tag on that you ask, 50 dollars. i walked over to the man, asked him if he was okay with losing his data on it and he said yes. i reset his tablet right there for him with the help of google at no charge. someone behind that desk knew how to do that, just like the man that sold him the warranty knew it didn’t cover everything.

so i left that future shop empty handedly like a boss. and i’m making this vow to myself. i vow to never buy “the best” of anything because frankly it’s all crap and the person who sold it to me is likely a crook.


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