all hallows eve

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.32.32 AM with halloween upon us it has inspired me to write what could possibly just turn into another rant (oh how i love ranting). i have noticed over the past couple of years that halloween has lost its fear factor. costumes are no longer about who can be the most creative, who is the ugliest or who is the scariest.. it is literally an excuse for women and men alike to wear as little clothes as possible in hopes of getting as much ass as possible. and i mean, that’s great a night where you can look like a slut but no one accuses you of being a slut, who doesn’t love that right? what i’m more concerned about is why are costumes geared and tailored for 10-14 year old girls super short, super tight and super revealing? see i know it’s not my place to parent other peoples children but seriously mom, dad what the hell goes through your mind when you let little suzy leave the house as a dead cheerleader with her midriff baring and her ass cheeks hanging? please inform me on how that’s not even just inappropriate, but cute or acceptable? i guess i can understand not wanting to argue with a brat, but how about not raising a brat… that would save my eyes and your wallets a lot of trouble.

disclaimer, i dressed up as a female pimp for halloween, not my idea TRUST ME. but my friend had her heart set on being a pregnant crack whore #winning


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