all about that bass…

b2b9e5e189bafcaa6e54e69fb11e0641so i couldn’t help but notice recently that theres been some all about that bass controversy. here’s the thing (disclaimer, im curvy) i don’t find the song the least bit offensive, and neither should you “skinny bitches”. people are hyper sensitive. if you’re going to have body issues, you’re going to have body issues. but, in a world where we’re told that thigh gaps are hot, meghan trainors song is a sigh of relief. do you expect us curvy girls to never look at another ad, watch another tv show or pick-up another magazine? it’s unrealistic to think that i’m going to lock myself away to avoid people scrutinizing my body, or making me feel like i should look another way. that’s where loving yourself for who you are and what you have been given comes in. inner beauty, inner confidence that’s what should matter – and that’s what’s put on the back burner. and if all that up there wasn’t convincing enough for critics too lay off lets have a look at the lyrics.

i’m bringing booty back
go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that
no, I’m just playing. i know you think you’re fat
but i’m here to tell ya
every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

having it there for you in its entirety should be proof enough, there’s no hate here. she even addresses the fact that most skinny girls don’t even consider themselves to be skinny. everyone has their demons their insecurities and their flaws. so can we all just give it a rest and let us big booty bitches have our moment?


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