why myfavouritechapter?

photo2my favourite chapter has become my go-to username. when i picked it for this blog i knew subconsciously it had a meaning but i didnt think for a second that it would resonate with me for so long.

i picked myfavouritechapter.wordpress.com because my life is a series of stories and each story i could tell fits neatly into a chapter. my favourite chapter however, is the chapter that has you in it. it’s the story ill tell when my kids or grandkids come to me with a broken heart. it’s the story ill tell to my friends on girls weekends, always reminiscing about the one that got away. ill tear up as i tell them how you got me through some of the toughest years of my life and smile when i say how some of my best memories are because of you. ill repeat agape and repeat agape again – unconditional selfless love from one human being to another.

this chapter, although heartbreakingly painful to relive now will always be my go to chapter in life. its when i loved the deepest, tried my hardest and was truly selfless. my gift to you after all of your gifts to me is freedom. hold me in your heart wherever you go and promise to never forget our chapter, i am forever changed because of you.
love you always –

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