making my 2015 debut

tumblr_mymv4zanWl1r1c6jgo1_500i thought that today would be the prime opportunity to make my 2015 debut – new year, same me. well, maybe not the same me i’m far more tanned. i had a million and one blog post ideas for the holidays and didn’t even post one of them. seriously. the holidays flew bye way too fast, if my ass weren’t so fat i’d wonder if they even happened.

i never ended up making any “resolutions” because i feel that resolutions are like diets that start on a monday. you eat 10 times more the weekend leading up to it, then you would’ve regularly eaten and by tuesday you’ve got your hand back in the cookie jar. i did however set some longterm goals. nothing too crazy just to get out more often and meet new friends. simple, right?

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