prince charming doesn’t exist

with valentines day hot on our heels i thought now was a good a time as any to set the record straight. ladies, i know this statement is bold – but it’s true, there is no such thing as prince charming simply because there’s no such thing as cinderella.

you’re not Cinderella so why should he have to be prince charming? i’m not saying this to be rude or too put anyone down, i’m just saying it’s unrealistic for us women to look like her, act like her or conduct ourselves as she conducts her self. bitchPrincesses-and-their-Prince-disney-princess-10993899-800-600 talks to birds for god sakes. no man puts you on a cinderella pedestal. if he loves you, he loves you for who you are. he loves your morning breath, your face without makeup, your hair in a ratchet bun, and your boobs when they’re concealed. so love him the same way back; embrace your time together even if it’s kickin’ it with the boys watching god knows what sport. relationships should be 50/50 no unwritten or written girl codes. no list of things he must do to prove he’s interested. none of that chivalry bullshit, just because he doesn’t open your car door doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with you. fun fact – just because he does open your car door doesn’t mean he loves you either.

i’m constantly reading these blogs about how women think they should be treated, and it’s great for you too know you deserve all of those things and more. all I’m saying is don’t let your one slip away because he never picked up the check, or because he couldn’t help but brag to his boys about how fine you are when you snuck off to the bathroom.

i’m not saying i know everything there is too know about men or love for that matter. i’m just saying, every prince is different and your job as his queen is to treat him like your king.


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