to buy a car, or not to buy a car, that is the question

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.56.43 PM

for those of you who know me personally you know the love i have for jeeps is real, and the hate i have for my honda civic is even more real. i on more then one occasion have referred to that mistake learning experience as a lemon. which my dear ol’ dad finds offensive because he picked out and paid for that mistake learning experience. i cannot say enough good things about my civics fuel economy but it just doesn’t scream bad ass bitch, as it should – i mean, look at me. so here’s my dilemma, do i start a six year love hate relationship with my bank account and car payment plan or do i suck it up and continue to not meet my bad ass potential?

i mean dad, if you’re reading this it’s not fair to deny the world its right to see me in all of my glory. and besides, my birthdays in a couple weeks cosign that lovely hunk of metal (plastic?) and win alll of thee father of the year awards.


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