last week on lunch at work we got on the topic of cheating, in regards to relationships. i’ve personally never cheated nor have i been cheated on, so maybe my opinion holds no merit but, that doesn’t stop me from having one. tcheathe conversation developed from if you cheat you’re an ass, too people only care when they get caught. and that’s the truth, but they don’t “care” because they were “caught” – you’d  have to be highly naïve to think you could go forever without “your special someone” catching on.

i think cheaters don’t foresee the consequences of their actions, and i mean how could you have insight on something you know nothing about? they suspect tears, anger and severe rage. but, i think it’s safe to say the majority of unfaithful counterparts don’t have  “i want bae to have years of self-esteem issues” or “if i do this bae is going to slit her wrists” in mind. cheating at its core is often not spiteful. there were a fair share of cheaters in that lunch room and most of them were A. either no longer in love OR B. regretted the whole thing.

now, there’s a difference between a cheater and a serial cheater. a cheater is a one time offender, that learned from their mistakes and never looked back. a serial cheater on the other hand is someone whose cheated on every partner they’ve ever had since the 7th grade. a serial cheater is someone who repeatedly offends in one relationship, or over a series of relationships. they’re able to look there whoever in the eye and tell them they love them and feel no regret or remorse… these are the people you have to be careful of.

i just feel as if “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t a fair way to brand imagessomeone. circumstances matter. they don’t make breaking a persons heart okay, and i certainly don’t condone seeking outside of a relationship to fix problems within a relationship (this includes emotional affairs too). i just don’t think you should dismiss a possible love interest because of their past. you should always be careful with your heart and tread lightly. there are some people who lack empathy and are constantly going to do you wrong whether you know it or not.


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