i never do “current event” posts. hell i never post a blog the day i write it, but today that’s going to change and i can’t guarantee it’ll never happen again.

josh duggar is apparently a reformed child molester – i don’t really care. he lives thousands of miles away from me, the likelihood of him coming into contact with my children is slim. my issue isn’t with who he was, it’s with who he is, what he believes, and the reaction of far too many stupid people.

josh has gone on the record saying that being gay is an unforgiveable sin. here’s the thing, are you “god”? do you have some sort of telephone line to “heaven” where he’s told you this? and how is an unconscious “sin” unforgivable but a conscious one forgiveable? you fondled not one but FOUR of your sisters genitals while they were sleeping and the god you believe in forgives that, because you’ve “redeemed” yourself but joe loving bill is still a punishable act? if that’s the case then i have this whole religion thing ass backwards. i would condemn a child molester too hell well before i’d condemn anyone in the LGBT community.

and to anyone who’s defending him, and underplaying his actions due to his age. if he was the boy across the street would you be so understanding? if he had fondled your sister, niece or daughter would it still be okay? just because he’s some form of a celebrity (i use that term very loosely) doesn’t mean he’s above the law or your standards. and to everyone i saw say “he was 14 everyone’s curious about sexuality at 14.” LOL, sure they are but they don’t turn to incest. hence why masturbation is so common in boys that age. oh, and if you want to again defend his age, he knew what he was doing was wrong because he fondled them in their sleep, when he thought he wouldn’t get caught. A++ for paedophilia efforts.

as for TLC it’ll be interesting to see what they do, considering they cut mama june and her bodacious bunch out because she was talking to a known child molester. my, my, my now one of the duggars is one, it’s the TLC curse. breaking up families, marriages and bringing all sorts of creepy into the light.


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