jack-o-lanternsi’m not sure why, but time has been escaping me lately. i can’t believe in nine weeks it’ll be the first day of 2016. it feels like i just wrung in the new year. there’s likely a philosophy behind why time passes by quicker as you age and there’s probably some mathematical equation to go along with it, so i’ll never figure it out. but, i’ve come up with my own theory; essentially, life is like your gas tank – it feels like it takes forever to go from full to ¾ and then ¾ to ½ goes quicker ½ to ¼ is gone within a blink and before you can say “shit i need gas” the light comes on. once you start observing life, it goes by faster. when you’re watching someone else grow, falling in love, learning something new – it goes faster. what do they say? time flies when you’re having fun.

just think of all the fun to be had between today and new year’s day, the next nine weeks is your gas tank going from ¼ to empty, so i thought it would be a good time to reflect on my year and see how i’m doing. i didn’t make any resolutions, just to go out more and make more friends. that was accomplished. i had the summer of a lifetime, bought a new car, found a new job, drank and ate my teeny tiny heart out and for a split second i was skinny. a girl can’t really ask for much more.


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