things i no longer have time for – birthday edition

148856_10150311029095072_3452171_nin honour of my twenty-fourth birthday i thought i’d just run through the things i no longer have time for in my life since i’m well into “adulthood” now.

  • shitty friends 

i think this is a common thing when maturing. i’m to busy now to waste my time on friendships that mean more to me then they do to the person i’m friends with. i left high school a long time ago, and with that i left the drama, the backstabbing and the gossiping. everyone’s definition of a shitty friend is different – i just don’t like people who waste my time and never learn. you’re happy now, and that’s great but when your boyfriend leaves you… again… don’t expect me to be there to say i told you so (even though i told you so). keep your circle small – a girl doesn’t need more than 1 true friend.

  • hate

i spent a long time hating people (mainly because they’re stupid) but i’ve decided to let that go. it just makes being around them unbearable and i really shouldn’t expect everyone to be a super genius like me. so, if you’re reading this and there was a point in time when we used to be close but, your idiocracy made your presence the bane of my existence – call me. my numbers still the same.

  • looking cute

it’s bad enough that i have to wake-up every morning brush my hair, teeth and put make-up on for work, so don’t expect me to be runway ready on my lazy sunday. and yes i am aware that my style resembles that of your grandma – floral shirts and cardigans all day long.

this is just the short list, but i didn’t want to bore you on a saturday. tonight i will be celebrating in style with the girls (a.k.a my 1 friend, my sister and her 1 friend) if you need me i’ll be plastered in the city.

P.S obviously this list wouldn’t be complete without bills, but knowing i have 70 more years to pay them is depressing enough. ain’t nobody got time for bills.

P.S.S. i know my throwback is adorable – i was a child abductors dream.


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