green-stem-and-water-ripple-the-long-goodbyelately ive been thinking about how differently my life could’ve turned out, just think about it – all it takes is untelling a lie, making a different choice, speaking your mind or pursuing a different path and things could be significantly different. it could be the most trivial thing like when i was 18 i was dating this guy he was a few years older, and i was embarrassed to tell him i had a curfew. he wanted to see a movie on a sunday night, and i couldn’t stay out long enough. instead of telling him i had a curfew i pretended i didn’t want to see a movie and we drove around aimlessly for an hour. he was mad, and instead of finally telling him i had a curfew… i dumped his ass. i mean, do i think things would’ve worked out? no. i was young then and didn’t know what i wanted (and happened to spend the next 6 years with the greatest man this side of the moon) but, its that little thing that could’ve potentially made a monumental change. think about it, what if you never went to that party – or went to that party? what if you chose a different post-secondary school? what if you held out for that dream job? what if you told your then boyfriend that you had a curfew?


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