runnin through the 6 with my woes

IMG_6624i’m currently rollin through the streets in a rental bae. not because i smashed my Jeep or anything but because my year and a half old, 25 000km trucks radiator went. a new radiator at 25 000kms god i hope i’m not the person still driving this thing at 100 000kms. i had heard before i even bought my truck that Jeeps, Chryslers and Dodge’s were lemons but i ignored all that because have you seen my car? it’s badass. but now i’m thinking i shouldn’t have been so quick to silence the naysayers. even my pops, when we were sitting in the seat at Chrysler – pen in hand, contract in face turned to me and said “do you know what else is out there for this kind of money?” no dad i didn’t. why didn’t you rip the pen right out of my hand? as much as i love jemmye with all of my heart, now i’m scared. scared that in 2 years once i’m off warranty i’ll be pumpin thousands of dollars into repairing her. that is why i’ve come up with the most genius of plans. she should be paid off in the next 6-8 months. i will then have a year free of car payments and on her 3rd birthday i will sell her privately… take the money i get from the sale, and buy something new outright.

here’s to the master plan (and 3 year warranties on lemons)


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