the best has yet to come

another year older, another year wiser. i’m not going to make a list of expectations for myself and twenty-seventeen. because here’s the thing, if i was going to eat healthier, i would’ve. if i was going to exercise, i would’ve. heck, if i was going to blog more – that’s right, you guessed it, i would’ve. what i’ve found out about life is, the older you get the harder it is to find time to do the things you love. after a long day of work it’s hard for me to find motivation. i know there’s a lot of people who drag there asses and make time, but there’s far more who don’t. i guess, i’m lazy in my personal life and over-perform in my professional life. i need to find balance. will the fact that the calendar rolled over play any part in my being less of a lazy ass? i doubt it. but, i have had 2 1/2 weeks off from work and i’ve recommitted my love for reading. hopefully once i’m back in the swing of real life, i can maintain a reading schedule.


hopefully i’ll also eat less tacos. 


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