somehow in this life i’ve managed to become a “yes man”. at work, when asked to do something – whether i have time or not – i always agree. with friends, if they want to do something – whether i want to or not – i always agree. having this type of personality isn’t a bad thing, it’s just put me in the position where i get taken advantage of. i’m programmed not to be able to say no and i find myself accommodating people who don’t make me a priority over people who do. i get the last-minute saturday night text to see if i want to do something, and even when i’m not free, i agree. i don’t like feeling like a disappointment so i work extra hard to “impress” people who don’t care about my well-being. i guess i’m old-fashioned. i just think if someone goes out of their way to do something for you, you should repay them. not every time, nice things shouldn’t be done for the sake of rewards but every now and again to show that you’re appreciative. when agreements are made, they should be honoured by both parties. and when things are promised, don’t pretend you have them when you don’t. if you know that you can’t come up with your end of the bargain, then be honest. don’t come up with some story in the moment, and then never follow through. it’s not like i forgot, i just don’t have it in me to ask. relationships need to be nourished, honest and fair. i truly wish i had it in me to flip off half of my circle and tell them never to contact me again, but where would that get me after all this time of being a yes man?


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