the year of the social media cleanse


happy easter, and happy birthday to me!

twenty-five, just like that. quarter century birthday – turn up! i seriously can’t believe i’m twenty-five, like what the fuck happened? i swear i remember turning 18 and getting my little white civic – two cars later, and here we are. graduated university, making that fulltime coin and hashtag living. i really can’t believe how fast my life is just passing me by. it’s weird though, since a lot has happened in the last 7 years it feels like a long time, but it went by so quickly. does that even make any sense? i don’t know. enough about turning twenty-five, let’s get into what twenty-five means for me.

twenty-five is the year of the social media cleanse. i deactivated my facebook two months ago, and to be honest – i don’t miss it at all. i highly, highly doubt i’ll ever be on facebook again. unless life takes me to a place away from my family, i don’t have a need for it. i definitely don’t have a need for 400+ facebook friends. so if (and that’s a big if) i ever decide facebook is something i want to waste my time on, i’ll start from scratch. twitter, i thought long and hard about this, since twitter isn’t a social media “addiction” of mine, deactivating and never getting back on wouldn’t phase me. however, for username purposes i’ve just deleted the app. i’m not going to check twitter or post for a year. i’ve decided the same thing for instagram – this will be hard i already know. but a year away, not checking and not posting will be beneficial. i don’t spend an astronomical amount of time on instagram, maybe 45 minutes through the span of a day – usually on the toilet. i just don’t need my life consumed with lives that aren’t affected by me, but affect my life. does that make sense? if instagram was somehow selective to just the 90 people i follow, i don’t think i would leave. it’s the million sponsored posts and stuff i might like on my search tab which loses my interest (because it catches my interest). all in all i want to live a more present lifestyle. i want to enjoy my things even though i know they aren’t the best. i want to feel comfortable in my body, even though i know it’s not the “smallest”. most of all, i want to see my life more clear as opposed to being manipulated by snaps of happiness or beauty altered by photoshop and lighting. i know the things i see aren’t what they appear, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to live someone else’s life. as for snapchat, my holy grail of social media platforms. i’m going to stay on. i know i know, if i’m going to cut it i should cut it all. here’s the thing a couple month ago i made a new snapchat and started fresh. i’ve got a total of 16 friends and they’re all my friends. there’s no celebrities or internet personalities. they’re just regular people – like me, living regular lives. so here’s to twenty-five, the year of healthier living.


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