WARNING: this is a rant.

 recently something really set me off. to be honest, i can’t remember how the conversation came about but we got on the topic of my co-workers niece and how she wants to be a boy. she’s 8 and i don’t think she meant she wanted the genitalia of a boy, she wanted the “perks” of being a boy. ever since she’s been little she’s had “boy-like” interests. she doesn’t wear dresses, her favourite colour is blue, she refuses to take her hair out of a pony-tail and her favourite movie is star wars (star trek? i’m not even sure what the difference is). she sounds great, right? what made me think was, why are these things considered “boy-like”. why is Toys ‘R’ Us split girls toys vs boy toys. why do you have to be a specific gender to be able to have interests in specific things? i’m a girl. i like make-up and hair products, admittedly my hygiene could be better. i’m not always shaven like a naked mole rat, to be honest i’m hardly ever shaven. i don’t like getting my nails done, or getting my eyebrows or lip waxed because frankly i consider it a waste of money. my favourite toy growing up was this digimon hand-held toy. digimon, is that still a thing? i guess my confusion is, it’s 2017 almost everything is legal and they encourage you to be so accepting that you’re considered homophobic or racist for having an opinion. why aren’t children free to have interests or hobbies without judgment or gender limitations?


i would honestly just love for someone to explain to me, why boys get; pokemon cards, hockey cards, dinky cars, action figures, super heros, masks, swords, ninja turtles, power rangers, lego, sports, video games, hot wheels and nurf guns. while girls get barbies, princesses and fucking easy bake ovens.  


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