last week on lunch at work we got on the topic of cheating, in regards to relationships. i’ve personally never cheated nor have i been cheated on, so maybe my opinion holds no merit but, that doesn’t stop me from having one. tcheathe conversation developed from if you cheat you’re an ass, too people only care when they get caught. and that’s the truth, but they don’t “care” because they were “caught” – you’d  have to be highly naïve to think you could go forever without “your special someone” catching on.

i think cheaters don’t foresee the consequences of their actions, and i mean how could you have insight on something you know nothing about? they suspect tears, anger and severe rage. but, i think it’s safe to say the majority of unfaithful counterparts don’t have  “i want bae to have years of self-esteem issues” or “if i do this bae is going to slit her wrists” in mind. cheating at its core is often not spiteful. there were a fair share of cheaters in that lunch room and most of them were A. either no longer in love OR B. regretted the whole thing.

now, there’s a difference between a cheater and a serial cheater. a cheater is a one time offender, that learned from their mistakes and never looked back. a serial cheater on the other hand is someone whose cheated on every partner they’ve ever had since the 7th grade. a serial cheater is someone who repeatedly offends in one relationship, or over a series of relationships. they’re able to look there whoever in the eye and tell them they love them and feel no regret or remorse… these are the people you have to be careful of.

i just feel as if “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t a fair way to brand imagessomeone. circumstances matter. they don’t make breaking a persons heart okay, and i certainly don’t condone seeking outside of a relationship to fix problems within a relationship (this includes emotional affairs too). i just don’t think you should dismiss a possible love interest because of their past. you should always be careful with your heart and tread lightly. there are some people who lack empathy and are constantly going to do you wrong whether you know it or not.


making my 2015 debut

tumblr_mymv4zanWl1r1c6jgo1_500i thought that today would be the prime opportunity to make my 2015 debut – new year, same me. well, maybe not the same me i’m far more tanned. i had a million and one blog post ideas for the holidays and didn’t even post one of them. seriously. the holidays flew bye way too fast, if my ass weren’t so fat i’d wonder if they even happened.

i never ended up making any “resolutions” because i feel that resolutions are like diets that start on a monday. you eat 10 times more the weekend leading up to it, then you would’ve regularly eaten and by tuesday you’ve got your hand back in the cookie jar. i did however set some longterm goals. nothing too crazy just to get out more often and meet new friends. simple, right?

why myfavouritechapter?

photo2my favourite chapter has become my go-to username. when i picked it for this blog i knew subconsciously it had a meaning but i didnt think for a second that it would resonate with me for so long.

i picked because my life is a series of stories and each story i could tell fits neatly into a chapter. my favourite chapter however, is the chapter that has you in it. it’s the story ill tell when my kids or grandkids come to me with a broken heart. it’s the story ill tell to my friends on girls weekends, always reminiscing about the one that got away. ill tear up as i tell them how you got me through some of the toughest years of my life and smile when i say how some of my best memories are because of you. ill repeat agape and repeat agape again – unconditional selfless love from one human being to another.

this chapter, although heartbreakingly painful to relive now will always be my go to chapter in life. its when i loved the deepest, tried my hardest and was truly selfless. my gift to you after all of your gifts to me is freedom. hold me in your heart wherever you go and promise to never forget our chapter, i am forever changed because of you.
love you always –

life changes


in life the only constant thing is change. i went through university for journalism, i received a whole whack load of certificates, diplomas and degrees but my main focus was on journalism. i love to write, sure i may not always punctuate properly or use my caps lock key but i know when and how to use the fundamentals and basics. if i were being graded right now i’d knock your freaking socks off, but that’s not how i see this blog. this is my escape and it’s really not meant for anyone other than me. i mean go ahead and follow it but if this thing never takes off then it never takes off. i’m sort of a “jack of all traits” and i never know which direction my life might be heading in next. i used to be a tom boy. i was embarrassed to wear skirts, never did my hair and never wore makeup. it wasn’t until my senior year in highschool that i started to have a budding interest in the whole dolling myself up thing. i’ve always had this philosophy, if you don’t know how to do something (like apply makeup) you shouldn’t do it. but, i see now that that’s not the appropriate approach to life. you succeed through trial and error. yes, some people are born with a talent but they foster and nurture it to make it bloom. others however, have to work harder to achieve what comes naturally to some. once i got into university i started watching youtube videos A LOT and even considered starting my own channel. but, my lack of self-confidence makes it hard to promote myself so it would likely never turn into a business for me as it has for so many. i am obsessed with vlogs. the shaytards and charles trippy seem like family more than strangers. i equally love hair and makeup tutorials kandee johnson, michelle phan, zoella and taliajoy18 (RIP) are some of my favourite youtubers to watch. their content yet helpful is entertaining. i don’t find myself skipping to the end to see how it turns out, i enjoy the process. and thus my passion.. if i can call it that for hair and makeup was born. surprisingly i’m not half bad, and more and more  frequently i find people telling me “hey vic, you should charge people for this” and in my head i’m thinking would you like me to start with you? my issue with charging people is A. i have no real schooling or training to back up my prices and B. that’s too much pressure. think of the times someone would want to hire a makeup artist or a hair stylist, weddings, graduations, proms… the fate of someones night rests on my shoulders. how you look is a direct reflection of how you feel. if you look like a million dollars you’re going to present yourself as a millionaire. confidence is something i lack, confidence in myself and in my skills and that’s what holds me back. i make excuses as to why i shouldn’t do things based on the fact that i think i cant. i need to throw it back to a few sentences ago when i said “you succeed through trial and error” and allow myself to succeed and fail.


the thought has been festering in my mind. maybe i will attempt to start my own business and brand myself. i would make a pretty kickass entrepreneur! <- my attempt at confidence boosting